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Recently we worked with the University of Hull to promote their new spaces and facilities. We were asked to make four videos in total, one for each faculty that we were promoting.

The University had made a substantial investment in these facilities and were wanting to target potential students interested in applying on a course at Hull University. We needed to make videos that showcased the standard and quality of the facilities at the University so that people could see the efforts the University was making to improve the education and experience for students wanting to study there.


We had a very tight schedule to try and film everything and were constantly filming in different locations across the campus on each of the days. This forced us to think about how we could still retain the quality that the University was expecting but at a faster pace, this is why the university continues to work with Astor.

This project sore our new RED V Raptor come to life with it’s high dynamic range, fantastic low light performance and true cinematic sensor allowed us to capture the new facilities to their full potential. All of the shots were captured in 8K resolution resulting in a very organic high-end image and futureproof content.

We wanted to make short and engaging videos that showed off the facilities; so we used fast cuts with lots of insert shots and creative colour grading decisions. Each of the videos has an exclusive edit style from both on screen graphics and curated music to lighting which all fit together to give the viewer a unique experience. Our new HQ allows us to produce high quality content where we are able to finish mastering it with our brand new state-of-the-art post production station.


Both Astor and Hull University are incredibly pleased with the work we’ve done for them. Our final delivery is a set of remarkable videos that are creative, inspiring, and perfect for the specific target audience.

At Astor we simply don’t deliver “average” content. 

Get in touch with us if you are ready to create remarkable content for your brand!


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