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Video Production Leeds.

Unleash Your Inner Creative.
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Award-Winning Video Production Agency Leeds.

a reputation for quality

Incredible Video Production For Your Brand

Unbeatable Quality

We pride ourselves on being able to provide companies in West Yorkshire with the highest quality video production services available whilst remaining flexible and affordable, with top of the range cameras and industry leading video editing tools we can guarantee unbeatable quality at refreshing prices.

Our RED V-Raptor Camera allows our talented team to provide the best quality around, every shot, every time.

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Unmatched Talent

Our team has worked on a huge number of video and film production projects meaning that no matter how much experience you have or how far along in the project you are, our team can work with you to create the commercial video of your dreams.

Whether you are looking to create a short advert or a movie our expert team will provide you with everything you need for an engaging video. From content strategy to shooting and editing, get in touch today and let us create your perfect video.

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Bespoke Video Production Services

Your Dream Our Expertise

Your audience is used to seeing the generic copy paste videos that your competitors use. A bespoke video can help you break past the average and truly capture your audience.

Astor is a video production agency specialising in providing businesses with stunning bespoke video content to use across various channels whether it’s to advertise the company or as part of a bigger project we will adapt to make sure that the outcome is no less than perfect.

Get 'Reel' ResultsGet 'Reel' Results

Captivating Video Production Services Leeds.

Powerful Production

The power of top quality video production can be the difference between a piece of visual content and an engaging video that captures the attention of your target audience, evokes emotion and truly connects with the audience.

Our specialist team will work with you throughout the entire process to maximise reach and create a compelling and engaging video your viewer remembers.

A creative video production agency for bold brands


Creating amazing video is just what we do, from livestreams to viral ads.

Our team have a particular set of skills, skills that we have acquired over a long career in video production that make us a nightmare for other video production agencies in Leeds…


The demand and opportunity for live streaming services are constantly growing, by taking your event online we can massively increase your reach in real time. Whether it is a huge commercial event or a seminar to a select audience, we can create a seamless stream for your viewers to tune into.


From training your employees to sending a company wide update, we’ll work with you to create the perfect video for your company, allowing you to add a much more personal touch to your internal communications.


We have helped market countless products and businesses from local ads to international campaigns, we know exactly what it takes to get in front of your target audience at the right time, with the perfect message.


Editing can make or break a film, no matter how good the camera work is. Our talented professionals have years of experience and industry leading video editing software to help you get the best out of your video production.

Our Values

Astor Productions pride ourselves on six values that ensure success in every project.

Expert Team

Our team is constantly looking at ways to improve their ability and provide the best service possible. By rewarding our team’s efforts in keeping on top of trends and letting their creativity flow we ensure we remain experts in our field. We keep an open discussion throughout each and every campaign, allowing every member’s creativity to shine when their time comes.

Client Focussed

We understand that every client we work with has different needs, so we remain flexible throughout the entire process with bespoke packages and adaptable hours to ensure that your needs are met. We aim to make our service as easy for you as possible, morphing our business and ideas into your ideal agency. In our experience, the easier we make things for you, the better the final result.

Creative Vision

Our vision is unparalleled when it comes to video production, we are constantly adapting and changing to incorporate industry trends, our clients audiences and hot topics to guarantee we have all of the information needed to create something truly unique and engaging. Every member is encouraged to voice opinions and ideas throughout the entire project from start to finish.

Cutting Edge Technology

We remain industry leading with every aspect of our business and the equipment is no exception, everything we use from the cameras to the post-production software is movie grade. This quality allows us to achieve the very best from every shot, scene and edit, so when that final edit comes around you can trust each and every scene will be flawless. Take a look at our stunning portfolio for yourself.

Collaborative Production

You know your audience, industry and business, and that’s not something we are going to overlook. By working closely with you and your team, keeping you involved every step of the way we can work together to create visually stunning content that not only captivates your audience but content that displays your brand and ethos perfectly throughout the entire production.

Remarkable Reputation

It is no secret that Astor has developed a solid reputation for delivering exceptional video content that captivates and resonates with audiences. Over the years, we have earned the trust and respect of a diverse range of clients spanning across a variety of industries. Our commitment to quality and service are the foundations that have formed the award-winning agency we are today.

Our Clients

Here are a few of the remarkable brands we’ve helped to create awe-inspiring content:

Ready for remarkable?


Let's Make It 'Reel'

A Leeds Video Production Agency, Tailored To You


We know no two video projects are the same, from goals and targets to the industry and the people, not to mention the creatives behind the whole project. To make bold, remarkable content every time no matter the niche, we need you each step of the way:


The Planning

Every great video starts out with a great idea, we use tried and tested methods to encourage the creative input from your team and work with them to adapt that into an idea ready to captivate your audience. This is where the excitement starts, with creative juices flowing we will work out exactly how to best reach your target audience and achieve the goals set out for your video project.


Before we pull out the cameras, we go over the refined plan with you, allowing you to have any input on the changes we have made. This is the final chance for our creative talent to meet with your team and hash ideas. Once we have agreed on the best strategy it is time to get it on film.


Now it is our creative’s time to shine, after going over the brief in great detail they adapt the ideas we made together with our experienced knowledge and what we know about your target audience to create a captivating video for your viewers. Utilising our years of experience and state-of-the-art camera equipment to ensure every shot is perfect.


Once we have all of the required shots, the footage is copied onto our backup server and then it is moved to the editing studio for the next step, our post-production team then work on turning each shot into a cinematographic masterpiece.



It is time to see the results of all of our hard work as we help you to release your new video content across the various chosen platforms, whether it is footage for a TV advert, a movie or a product video for amazon, we’re here to make sure everything goes seamlessly. Not only will we make sure that the release goes flawless, but we can also assist in converting the footage for different formats allowing you to maximise reach by pushing it in other areas such as social media.

The Perfect Recipe

Everything has been released, but we don’t stop here, we keep on top of the video’s analytics from traffic increases to watch time, allowing us to analyse the video, taking the data to use it in your future projects or to make edits to the video based on the data.



Astor did an amazing job creating corporate video content for us, showing dedication, commitment and great passion for the job.

Erika Kepersaite - MarketingRradar

Working with Kris and the Astor team was such a lovely experience. They understood our needs and interpreted the Moodbeam journey so well from day one. 100% dedication with total professionalism and empathy, working through the night sometimes to get everything just right. Would highly recommend Astor for their capabilities and attention to detail. Cant wait to work with them again in the future.

Christina Colmer McHughFounder/Director Moodbeam

I thought it was thought-provoking, powerful and extremely well put together. I think the team behind it should be congratulated. It's a great idea, it's the future.

Steve WilsonHull City Council

You clearly put the needs of the client first, maintaining regular contact and nothing was too much trouble. The standard of the finished product is excellent and truly impressive.

Paul GladstoneHumberside Police

The end product was exactly what we were seeking and will be a very useful addition to promoting the initiative for bringing together the variety of enterprise support available within Hull and wider East Riding.

Pauline MitchellENRG

Astor did a really good job to support Enterprise Europe Network in promoting success stories of English companies trading internationally. These guys are very professional and flexible to accommodate any request. I would definitely recommend them.

Lee DonatoEnterprise Europe Network UK

Astor Productions were professional, dedicated and very knowledgeable throughout. Their attention to detail in ensuring the quality of the video was excellent.

Bruce MassieHull & Humber Chamber of Commerce

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