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The world around us is changing… And for the better. As the UK begins to ramp up its attempts to become a more sustainable nation,  companies are desperately trying to keep up with the constant innovations in renewable energy. Investing more and more into their products, companies are trying to find solutions, to be at the forefront of this new movement.


The Future for Electric?

iHelios are changing the way we think about heating, lighting and how we manage our energy consumption,  they’re opening our horizons to the types of possibilities surrounding this industry. With new technology, we can offer a cleaner, more sustainable way of living for the generations to come – hopefully saving you a few pennies along the way as well. It’s a no brainer right?

Our Solution

Once Astor learnt about iHelios, we were really eager to get involved straight away.
As a team we bounced ideas around and voiced out some really vital points that seemed necessary to the success of the video. The essentials list looked something like this;

1 )Plenty of information, stats and figures (to help educate)

2) Inspirational and engaging (to help draw people on board AND keep them interested)

3) Slick, clean and modern  (to match the new wave of tech that’s coming our way)

4) Bold, strong and confident in delivery (to gain trust in people)

So with some key points highlighted it was time to crack on.

Working closely with iHelios we developed a script that was full of information. The type of information that would educate audiences.

With a finalised script we made a decision to bring onboard our local friend and BBC presenter Blair Jacobs, who would narrate the script and take us on a journey through the iHelios technology systems. This proved an invaluable decision in the end, as it allowed us to hit the Bold, Strong and Confident delivery we always had in mind.

One last thing, we needed to present the video in a slick – modern style that accurately represents this new tech savvy market. With bright lighting setups, a vibrant colour grade, and an energetic edit with interesting music we really pulled this project together.

We’re thrilled with the outcome of this video. It’s full of purpose and pride. With the time and effort that’s gone into It, you can be rest assured it’s going to sit well in their marketing mix for the foreseeable future.




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