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With the average film producing around 500 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, we thought what can we do to offset our carbon footprint? Recently we relocated our office right next to iHelios’s head office who specialise in the design, development, manufacturing and sourcing of environmentally conscious heating and integrated property control systems.

The building that we are in produces green energy from efficient solutions like solar panels, infrared heating and water heating systems. This change in location has drastically reduced our carbon footprint and has made us one of the greenest film production companies in the area. We understand that there is always more that can be done to reduce our consumption of energy and we are constantly looking at other ways we can improve.

image showing how astor stays green on jobs

For example, we car share when travelling to shoots. We have reduced our consumption of single-use plastics by bringing flasks to work and preparing meals at home where possible. One of the biggest steps we have taken is signing on to the OhYes initiative. This initiative aims to encourage and educate businesses to achieve their net-zero goals by 2030. We understand the impact that our industry is having on the environment and we want to do what we can to change this for the better.

Our newest endeavour is the Ecologi initiative, a programme we are really passionate to shout about. The programme enables us to plant multiple trees every time we start a new project. This combined with the other initiatives is a huge step forward in offsetting our carbon consumption and achieving our net-zero goals.

image of astors new environmentally friendly office

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