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Video Production: In-House vs Outsourcing

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In the strategic arena of video production, businesses are confronted with a critical decision: to develop in-house capabilities or to outsource to specialised external providers. This decision is not merely operational but strategic, influenced by various pivotal factors such as budget, project complexity, resource availability, and overarching organisational objectives.

In-house video production offers businesses a much larger degree of control and consistency. It allows for a seamless integration of brand elements and enables close collaboration among existing team members, ensuring that the end product is closely aligned with business’ values and messaging. However, it also means a significant investment in resources, equipment, and continuous team development to produce content that meets current market standards and expectations. All of which is permanent, so as a business you’re going to need to be producing video content often and for a long time if this is going to be worth it.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, provides access to a broader spectrum of expertise and creative input, but without the risk of permanence. It allows businesses who need high-quality video content to leverage the skills of professionals who are deeply experienced in it, bringing a fresh perspective and specialisms to the video production process. However, this option also presents challenges, such as managing relationships with video production agencies and ensuring all of the content they produce is in alignment with your brand’s vision and objectives.

The Advantages Of In-House Video Production

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Opting for in-house video production ensures a greater level of control and immediate oversight that businesses can leverage. Having your own team working under the same organisation’s umbrella, decisions can be made swiftly, and actions can be implemented without delay. This immediate access to the team and the project ensures that the entire video production process (from start to finish) remains fluid and adaptable. Two elements crucial for success in projects of this size and type. 

Secondly, an in-house team inherently possesses a deep and nuanced understanding of the business itself – in a way that an external agency likely will not. Living and working within the brand’s ethos daily allows the team to create content that is intricately woven with the business’ identity and messaging. This intrinsic alignment fosters a much greater sense of authenticity and coherence in the produced content, resonating more profoundly with the target audience and enhancing the overall impact of the messaging.

Team collaboration in an in-house setting tends to be more unified and harmonised. Shared organisational goals and visions nurture a collaborative ecosystem where ideas can flourish, and creativity can be nurtured. This synergy not only enhances the consistency of the produced content but also fosters an environment where innovation and creative exploration are encouraged and celebrated.

Budget considerations also play a significant role in the choice of in-house production. Operating internally often allows for more streamlined and optimised budget management. Costs are more foreseeable, allowing for better planning and allocation of resources. This budgetary control can be a pivotal advantage, enabling organisations to navigate the financial aspects of production with a greater sense of stability and foresight.

In essence, in-house video production offers businesses an opportunity to develop a dedicated, cohesive, and synergised team that operates in close alignment with organisational visions and objectives. This alignment enhances the relevance, authenticity, and impact of the produced content, fostering a sense of brand integrity and consistency across various production initiatives.

Disadvantages of In-House Video Production

While cultivating an in-house video production team has its distinct advantages, it is also accompanied by a set of challenges and limitations that businesses must consider. The confinement of resources is one of the primary constraints faced by in-house teams. Specialised equipment, cutting-edge technology, and a diversity of skills are essential ingredients in producing high-calibre videos. An in-house team may find it challenging to continuously update and maintain the huge amount of resources that are needed, potentially impacting the quality and competitiveness of the produced content.

Something else which weighs down the support for in-house video production is scalability. An in-house team, while adept at handling projects within its capacity, might face difficulties in managing larger, more complex tasks or fluctuating project volumes. The ability to scale operations according to varying project demands is essential for maintaining consistency in output quality and meeting deadlines. Limited scalability could lead to overextension, resource strain, and compromised quality.

It’s not only scalability that in-house teams can struggle with. Creative innovation in content may be limited when relying exclusively on an in-house team. Exposure to external creative influences, fresh perspectives, and diverse expertise often enriches the creative process. An in-house team might face the risk of operating within a creative echo chamber, where ideas and approaches may tend to be repetitive or constrained by internal perspectives.

Advantages of Outsourced Video Production

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Outsourcing video production comes with a whole load of advantages that can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to produce top-tier content. The first of which is the fact that you’re able to access a rich pool of expertise and specialised skills. Outsourcing opens doors to professionals and teams who bring a wealth of experience, creative diversity, and proficiency in the latest industry trends and technologies. This means that the content produced is not only of high quality but also resonates with current market preferences and innovations.

Second to this is the opportunity to achieve high-quality production values. External production houses often come equipped with advanced tools, technologies, and a versatile team of specialists. Their core focus on video production enables them to deliver polished, professional, and impactful videos that stand out and effectively convey the intended message. This professional touch can significantly enhance the brand image and the overall effectiveness of the video content.

Finally, external agencies generally have the capacity to manage varying project sizes and complexities, allowing businesses to adapt to different needs and demands without the pressure of overstretching internal resources. This adaptability is crucial for businesses that have fluctuating project volumes or that require various types of video content to meet diverse objectives and audience preferences.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Video Production

There are of course challenges that outsourcing video production presents. The first of which, akin to any kind of outsourcing, is the diminished amount of control you get on any particular project. Entrusting an external agency with your video production means you may have less immediate oversight and influence over creative decisions and project management. This can sometimes result in outcomes that might not fully align with your initial vision or brand’s distinct nuances.

Another significant consideration is the communication and coordination required when working with an external partner. Effective collaboration hinges on clear communication, mutual understanding, and synchronised workflows. The absence of these elements can lead to misunderstandings, misalignments, and inefficiencies, which can impact the overall quality and effectiveness of the video content produced.

What To Consider Before Choosing In-House Or Outsourced Video Production

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Understanding Your Objectives

When choosing between in-house and outsourcing options for video production, the first step is to have a crystalline understanding of your objectives. What do you wish to achieve with your videos? Are they meant to educate, engage, entertain, or elevate your brand? Answering these questions and zoning in on a more focused idea on the aims of your video is going to help streamline your decision making. Finally, it’s important to ensure that the route you choose resonates with your brand’s identity and aspirations, cultivating content that authentically mirrors your mission.

Evaluating Your Current Resources

Evaluation of available resources is paramount in this decision-making process. Firstly, consider your financial artillery. Gauge the budget at your disposal, juxtaposing it against the costs associated with both in-house and outsourced production. Additionally, assess the pool of talent and expertise within your business, then contrast this against the specialisms of particular video production agencies. Who’s going to do the job better? An honest assessment of all of these things is going to provide clarity, again making the decision making process easier.

Consider Scalability & Flexibility

Reflect on the volume and diversity of videos you aim to produce. Does your preferred option have the capabilities to accommodate this scope effortlessly? Also, consider how adaptable each option is going to be – the ability to manoeuvre through changing tides, evolving needs, and unexpected twists. Ensuring that your choice can adeptly navigate such variables is crucial for a fluid and productive operation.

What Are The Creative Needs?

Creative thinking and abilities are what makes a video production project work! When you’re choosing between in-house and outsourced video production consider the diversity and innovation you wish to infuse into your videos. Does the option you lean towards foster an environment conducive to creative genius? Also are any of the creative skills needed particularly specialist? This may of course mean it requires people or equipment from outside your organisation and is going to sway your decision potentially away from keeping the project in-house.

Video Production With Astor

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