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How To Make A Good TV Commercial

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TV advertising has beautifully unfolded over the decades, from straightforward product pitches to what we could now call mini cinematic experiences. All of the successful TV adverts through the years have been successful due to their ability to resonate with the audience of their day.  


But here’s the million-dollar question: How do we go about creating a TV advert that doesn’t just blend into the clutter but stands out and genuinely connects? How can businesses create TV commercials that are as memorable as the Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla or the GoCompare man?


The answers to these questions require a lot of context and detail, just as the planning for those famous tv commercials did too! From the first concept of what a good TV advert might look like for a business to actually getting it on the screens and into people’s homes – there are many aspects of impactful advertising to consider which will make or break a TV commercial’s chances of succeeding.


With our experience in creating the highest quality and most memorable TV commercials  we’re going to take a deep dive into what makes a good commercial and the common mistakes many businesses make in their pursuit for TV advertising fame.


Why Companies Should Make A TV Advert


Why would companies look to spend vast amounts of money on a TV advert when platforms like social media offer such deeper levels of targeting? Well, because despite the surge of online platforms, television retains a huge reach and provides the ability to weave into the daily lives of a vast and varied audience. People also trust TV commercials much more than they do social media. For example, in the UK 42% of people stated television is where they are most likely to find advertising that they trust, in comparison to 6% for YouTube and 5% for social media.    


The thing is, social media gives people the ability to share their moments with other people. But watching TV often is a moment we often share with other people. Imagine: A family gathered around the TV, collectively chuckling at a cleverly crafted commercial, or colleagues in the workplace, discussing how funny a particular advert from the night before was. There’s a shared experience, a collective engagement that TV advertising orchestrates, which is starkly different from the often solitary interaction with online content.


Now, infusing your brand into these moments, your message is not just seen, but experienced and discussed – that’s powerful. It’s not merely about showcasing your product but embedding your brand into the viewers’ consciousness, forming associations, and igniting conversations. A well-crafted TV advert doesn’t just stop at visual engagement; it permeates discussions, social media shares, and perhaps, even trends.


Finally, TV advertising allows for a spectacular display of your narrative, be it through heartwarming stories, eye-catching visuals, or earworm jingles, reaching not just minds but hearts, and creating a ripple that extends far beyond the initial broadcast.


But whilst the potential positive impacts of TV advertising is evident, the journey from no commercial to one that stands out  is layered with decisions, strategies, and a lot of creative thinking.

video of someone editing a videoWhat Makes A Good TV Commercial?


Creating a memorable TV advert takes more than just following some kind of copy and paste blueprint. It does require a grounded understanding of the underlying foundations that tether an advertisement to its audience, ensuring it not only captures attention but remains etched in memory. However, that being said, there are some fundamentals that can be applied to all of those memorable and successful TV advertising campaigns over the years.


Any Great TV Advertisement Is Authentic


Audiences today are discerning and value sincerity. An authentic advertisement doesn’t merely sell but resonates, forming a genuine connection with viewers by reflecting true stories and emotions. Ensure that the story, characters, and situations in your advert are relatable and uphold the values of your brand.


Successful TV Commercials Are Clear & Simple


A good TV advert is often simple yet profound. Complexity might obscure the message you intend to deliver. Keep your narrative straightforward and your message clear. Aim for the audience to grasp the essence of your advertisement in a single viewing, making it memorable and easy to recall.


A Good TV Advert Evokes The Right Emotions


The most memorable adverts often strike a chord with our emotions. Whether it’s joy, surprise, nostalgia, or even sadness – connecting emotionally usually translates to a lingering impact. Seek to create a narrative that taps into emotions, forming not just a visual but an emotional memory of your brand in the viewer’s mind.


The Audience Has Eyes & Ears – Good Commercials Resonate With Both


Ensuring your advert is visually and audibly appealing is crucial. Striking visuals, coherent colour schemes aligned with your brand, and a melodious or catchy jingle can enhance recall value. Ensure every visual and audible element is in harmony with your message and brand identity.


The Best TV Commercials Are Relevant To Their Audience & Current Events


Any business’ TV commercial should be not only contextually relevant but also timely and this can substantially enhance its impact and relatability. Tapping into current events, popular cultures, trending topics, or seasonal aspects in a manner that aligns authentically with your brand can make your message hit home more effectively. For instance, creating an advert that echoes a popular cultural moment or social movement can exhibit your brand’s responsiveness to societal narratives.


What Causes Some TV Adverts To Fall Short


Whilst following some of the advice we’ve given above will help set up a TV advert to be great, it’s not enough. Embarking on the journey of creating a TV advert comes with its fair share of potential pitfalls, and often, businesses find themselves navigating through common challenges that could have been sidestepped with the right insights. Recognising these potential pitfalls before you encounter them can pave the way for a smoother journey from conception to screen, ensuring that your commercial doesn’t just get made, but makes a lasting impact.


Bad Budget Management Can Ruin A Good TV Commercial


Budget mismanagement can derail any project, and in TV advertising, it can result in cutting corners where quality should be paramount. Striking a balance between affordability and quality is crucial. Sometimes, an over-ambitious idea might overshadow realistic budgeting, leading to financial strain or a finished product that fails to meet initial expectations.


A Good TV Advert Can Still Target The Wrong Audience


An advert can be creatively astounding and yet fail to achieve its objectives if it doesn’t resonate with the intended audience. Misaligned targeting – crafting a message that doesn’t align with the interests, values, or needs of the demographic you’re aiming to engage – can result in missed opportunities and wasted resources.

image of cameraTiming Is Everything For Any Good Commercial


Choosing the wrong time slot or channel for broadcasting your TV advert can significantly impact its visibility and effectiveness. An advert that’s perfectly tailored for your audience might fall flat if it’s not being showcased where and when your target demographic is most likely to engage with it. Understanding viewing habits and patterns is pivotal in ensuring your message finds its mark.


An Unclear Message Is The Biggest Mistake To Avoid


A poorly written script can unravel even the most meticulously planned advert. Whether it leans towards being bland and forgettable or teeters into the realm of unintentionally comedic, a sub-par script will fail to connect with the audience. The narrative and dialogue should be finely tuned, not just to communicate the intended message but to do so in a way that is engaging and resonates with viewers.


Legal & Ethical Aspects For UK TV Commercials


To get any airtime for a good TV commercial, it will need to adhere to the legal practices for radio and TV advertising in the UK. As well as that, it’s not merely about compliance but ensuring your brand communicates its commitment to responsible advertising, which can, in turn, be a notable feather in your cap.


Clear, honest messaging is going to be the first thing that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) takes into account. It’s essential that your TV adverts communicate transparently and verifiably about products, prices, and benefits. Any claim, no matter how small, must be substantiated and accurate, avoiding even the hint of misleading the audience. Even unintentional misdirection can spiral into both legal and reputational quandaries that can be tough to navigate out of.


Diving deeper, rigorous adherence to regulatory standards, especially in specific sectors like healthcare, finance, and food, becomes paramount. Navigating through the legal norms of advertising involves ensuring claims are validated, content (both visual and textual) is suitable, and that all broadcast scheduling guidelines are strictly adhered to. This isn’t just about ticking legal checkboxes but demonstrating to your audience that your brand stands firmly on a foundation of integrity and reliability.


Hire The Experts At Creating TV Adverts


Trying to project manage, create and distribute a good TV advert can be quite a task, especially when it’s about crafting a message that not only stands out but also adheres to the many different industry and legal standards. This is where the involvement of experts comes into play, providing a solid base to not only construct but also broadcast your advert effectively and ethically.


At Astor Film Productions, we have a great team of professionals in the advertising domain – all of whom bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and technical skill sets that can significantly elevate the quality and reach of your TV advert. 


Consider the multiple aspects involved: there’s the creative component, technical production, regulatory compliance, and strategic broadcasting to think about. Each of these elements is crucial in its own right, ensuring that your advert is not only well-produced but also effectively broadcasted and legally sound.


Involving our experts in your TV advertising campaign, therefore, acts as a crucial investment, ensuring each stage of the process from the initial concept to broadcast is executed perfectly, ethically, and to the highest possible standard.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re after creating a TV advert for your business that can leave a lasting impression. Contact the team at Astor today!

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