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It is no secret that to grow your brand people need to know about it, it doesn’t matter whether your company is customer or business facing, broad or incredibly niched, service or product based, if the right people don’t know you exist then you’ll struggle to grow.

And with this, it gets harder and harder to be noticed by your target audience every single day, if you think back to 2007 I am sure you’ll recall the majority of websites having adverts plastered down each side of the screen, yet even with this it was predicted that the average person saw up to 5,000 ads per day. However, in 2022 this number is thought to have increased even further with the average person now encountering up to 10,000 ads each day.

In this case it is no shock that the more advertisements a person sees each day, the harder it becomes for each ad to make an impression.

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Brand

With every passing day making it harder and harder to engage your audience with your marketing efforts you need to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to maximise the performance of all of your marketing campaigns. Though it can’t be ignored that there is certainly a time and place for other forms of marketing, video marketing is one of the best ways to engage new business, furthermore a survey has been shown to help a business earn 66% more leads and increase brand awareness by 54% YoY. And it doesn’t stop there. The performance of email marketing, which is largely thought to be one of the best marketing channels when looking at ROI, can see almost twice as many clicks when it includes a video.


What Makes Video Marketing So Successful?

We have already mentioned how video marketing can help you to create more successful marketing campaigns, but why is video marketing so successful? Well, as an award winning video production agency we believe that there are countless reasons that make marketing videos the ultimate way to promote your business, though we get that you don’t have all day, as a result we have compiled a condensed version containing our key reasons below:


Video marketing is more engaging

There are many characteristics that make a good marketing campaign, however if you truly want to engage your audience then your advertising needs to make them feel emotion. This can be rather difficult to do, especially when coupled with the typical person having a short attention span when it comes to marketing content. This difficulty only increases when the marketing method is an image or piece of written content.

However, if you are using a well targeted video you can use aspects such as; the interests of your target audience, creating an atmosphere with music and lighting, spoken content and many other features which enable you to much more easily build a story and portray desired emotions and feelings.


Video marketing is more detailed

Though video may not be the solution for everything it is certainly the top way to detail your product or service when speaking about marketing. A high-quality marketing video will enable you to showcase any key features in great detail whilst supporting any visuals with text or spoken content to provide the audience with a much more in-depth look into your product or service.

There are no limits to the detail or area you choose to highlight with high quality marketing videos, from action shots to detailed breakdowns and even animation meaning you can truly highlight any aspect or feature in great detail much more easily than in any other format.


Video marketing has a larger impact

Not only is video much easier to consume than other methods of marketing but those who do consume it are much more likely to remember the video’s message than in any other method. Studies have even shown that watching a video can help you retain up to 85% more of a message than you would have if you had read it. Not to mention that video tends to receive much larger reach and engagement on platforms such as social media meaning not only are viewers retaining more information but also more people are consuming it.


Why Quality Is Important in Video Marketing

Let’s be honest, if you are watching a video that’s terrible quality or is hard to watch you’re quickly going to lose interest and tune out or turn it off, not to mention the opinion you’ll have on the brand after you see the quality of video they use to advertise themselves!

On the other hand, a well structured and high-quality video can keep you hooked even if you are not interested in the subject. The great quality of the video will also make you trust the company in question much more as if they create such high quality video content on a subject then it is likely anything else they do shares the same calibre.

Put it this way, if you viewed a sub-par video and then a brilliant video on the same subject from a different company, it’s clear which company you will choose. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you are offering, but rather how you offer it. Without even thinking about it we choose services that look great because it provides the perception that the company truly cares about the subject.

With such a large number of people potentially viewing your video for months or even years to come, the quality of such is not a risk you should take. A video has the ability to create a long-standing impression on your viewer, and bringing in an expert video production agency is the only way to ensure that impression is a good one.

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