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In the media industry time seems to fly by. Whether it’s getting up at 3am to film a triathlon once every 2 weeks for 5 weeks or editing in the office, it’s easy to lose track of everything.

With a shift in client demand’s and a growth in our team, we’ve spent significant time doing R&D to diversify our offerings and put recent investments to fitting use. We’ve been waiting for the right moment to re-evaluate the services we provide and in turn, drive our passions into new explorations, yet still fostering our bread-and-butter-offerings – we encountered that moment at the start of 2022, so we think it’s time to give you an update, don’t you?

If, (like us), you’re really busy, we’ve linked to a video which gives you but-a-glimpse into our 2023. If you’re not busy, watch it anyway, you’ll love it…

Strength in numbers

There’s only so much 3 guys can do and believe us, we’re up to our eyeballs in projects – this is where Pepsi-drinking, short-film-making, videography and editing aficionado Tom Spruce steps in.


Tom, a seasoned pro in the industry, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. After several years as a freelance camera operator, editor and gaffer, Tom’s journey led him to a company specializing in Health and Safety video production. His diverse experience in film production, corporate video, low-budget shorts and being a sole trader has given him a wealth of skills that Astor is making full use of. Joining us as mainly a video editor, Tom plays a pivotal role in supporting our growth and enhancing our video editing capabilities. His arrival is a timely and significant boost to our team and a testament to our continuous pursuit of attracting top talent in the area.

Tom Transparent

Walk the talk

With the financial world ever-changing, some clients don’t have the budget for our top end camera system (RED V-RAPTOR) but that’s okay, we want to film stuff just as much as you do, so we had to devise a plan… How do we offer the RED quality to new and existing clients when cash is tight? Buy a smaller RED camera of course! Investing in the pocket-rocket that is the RED KOMODO means we are now able to provide our clients a multi-cam RED package, this is big. To compare and sound all fancy for a moment, we literally have the same Primary and Secondary camera setup used on a surprising number of new cinema productions and that’s no joke, here’s a few quotes from industry pros, taken from red.com about the KOMODO…

. “The KOMODO was totally crucial to getting our shots! That size and quality matched with a global shutter seemed like it was designed just for Hustle. I put it on a Ronin S and made a super-compact gimbal we could run and jump with easily” – ZAK MULLIGAN, CINEMATOGRAPHER – ‘HUSTLE’

. “Our entire 22-minute action oner on EXTRACTION 2 was all shot on a KOMODO –  GREG BALDI, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Extraction 2

There’s no point investing in these ‘Hollywood-grade’ cameras if you’re finalising your content on a sub-par screen is there. SO, we gave our friend Julian (professional video calibrator and installer) a call. He came to our office, rigged up his apparatus and calibrated our brand-spanking-new Samsung OLED display and our other working screens down to a T.  This investment has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also earned us the prestigious PVA (Professional Video Alliance) Certified certificate. This certification lists us with top video production studios in the country, making our content suitable for streaming platforms, cinema screens, and television. Our ability to deliver content that meets these stringent requirements is a major step forward in our commitment to providing top-tier services and keeping pace with the evolving demands of the industry.

MG 0250 scaled

Shaping the future of Offshore Wind Energy in the Humber

We started the year with producing an impactful promotional video for Aura CDT. The Aura Centre for Doctoral Training in Offshore Wind Energy is an enabler for innovation in offshore wind energy. Led by the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull, with partner universities Durham, Newcastle and Sheffield. The Aura CDT brings together over 20 industry partners and a diverse range of researchers from engineering to environment to tackle the current and future challenges facing the offshore wind sector. This shoot took us around Humber, Durham and even Sheffield! Aura brought us onboard to aid in their bid for more funding through telling the story of their creative thinkers and the amazing work they’re doing to maintain and drive-forward the offshore wind industry.


Working with the world’s biggest triathlon brand

This year we were tasked in taking care of capturing for all UK-based Ironman races in UK. In a splendid teamwork, Astor and Dojo Films came together to capture the pure essence of the Ironman triathlons. This partnership blossomed into a series of films that extend beyond mere event documentation— they immerse viewers in the core of the competition. United, we traversed the unyielding Welsh terrains, tracking every stride, stroke, and pedal of the resilient Ironman athletes. Our collaborative venture with Dojo Films not only etched the tenacity and triumph of Ironman races in time but also set a new standard in sports cinematography, illustrating that with the melding of creativity and camaraderie, extraordinary tales spring to life on screen.

Get smart with the Connexin Smart Home App

In light of their successful Fibre Rollout, home broadband provider Connexin has introduced a groundbreaking app designed to maximize the potential of home networks effortlessly.

To showcase this, we assembled an eight-person crew and transformed a contemporary house into a lively commercial set. This project echoed the clean, warm aesthetic we previously established in our collaboration with Keepmoat Homes, this time set within a domestic scene.

The commercial’s humorous tone, conceptualized by the creative minds at Connexin & Astor, drew inspiration from everyday family scenarios: the challenge of gathering kids for dinner, the all-too-familiar hunt for the elusive WiFi password sheet, and similar household dilemmas. The Connexin Smarthome App is humorously positioned as the clever solution to these common domestic challenges.


Working with up-and-coming Boxer

Following on from our well-received piece on local boxer Lewis Sylvester ‘The Thrill from Gipsyville’ we were left inspired and wantiong to create more gritty, honest content…
Fascinated by his humble demeanor and rising success, we spoke with pro boxer Sonny Taylor, formulating a script for a raw compelling biopic.
Shot over 3 days with new and familiar faces, we captured Sonny’s goings-on and through thought-provoking questions, got his take on being a boxer and what’s his ultimate goal.
This project features the lighting work of our new addition Tom Spruce, who has experience on many indie shorts from no-budget to a few hundred grand, as well as skills gained from the corporate video world.

Event Production & Management for East Riding of Yorkshire Council

We’ve recently had the privilege of managing and creating  two notable events for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, aligning with their Stepchange initiative. These events centred around celebrating the achievements of Humber women in the workforce and spotlighting the Employment Wellbeing Service.

This project demanded rigorous planning and encompassed 14 days of intensive production to generate all the necessary content. Our mandate included the creation of 10 case study videos, along with various other visual elements, to enhance the event experience and bring innovation to the forefront in this sector. Ultimately, we successfully executed two impactful events, exceeding our client’s expectations with the breadth and quality of work we achieved within the given timeframe.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we do so with a sense of gratitude for the progress we’ve achieved and with excitement for the opportunities that lie ahead. The addition of Tom Spruce, our new client partnerships, and our strategic investment in technology have laid a strong foundation for an even more successful 2024. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve, innovate, and strive for excellence in our field.

Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year from all of us here at Astor Film Productions Ltd!

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