STEPCHANGE - Upskilling and Employing East Yorkshire

StepChange, operating in the Humber area, is dedicated to skill-building and forging connections. It helps individuals and small businesses overcome barriers related to mental health, age, or gender, enhancing employability and well-being. The program offers tailored support, including initiatives for women and those facing mental health challenges, fostering community growth and development.

Client: East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Project: STEPCHANGE Scheme 2023


Kris Bilski – Dir./DoP/A Cam/Grade
Rob Moses – B Cam, Sound Recordist and Mix, Gaffer, Vision Mixer
Tom Spruce – Editor, Live Cam Op
Executive Producer – Sarah Peacey, ERYC
Shot On: RED V-Raptor and Komodo using DZO, Samyang and Laowa lenses
Audiovisual – HPSS Ltd

HWiW Event_1.5.1-min

StepChange is an initiative that helps individuals and small businesses to make changes and upskill so they can be part of a fulfilling, productive and supportive work environment.

”It’s about providing the right support, whether someone is at the start of their working life, or getting close to retirement. It’s about addressing barriers associated with mental health, age or gender to create more opportunities.” – STEPCHANGE

In a span of 4 weeks, the team at Astor planned, shot – at multiple locations throughout East Yorkshire – edited, reviewed and delivered a suite of case studies covering the two sectors ”Employability Wellbeing Service” and ”Humber Women In the Workforce” – to then run the design and production of 2 seperate live events for each sector of the STEPCHANGE scheme.

For the first time, we used both our flagship RED V-Raptor camera alongside it’s younger brother, the Komodo, to ensure we had a consistent look across all the case studies. The colour-depth and high-dynamic-range of these cameras used in a pair was instrumental in being able to tone the image in post-production to achieve a consistent quality due to un-controllable lighting at the shoot locations, despite the use of our own highly-colour-accurate lighting on site.

Working closely with our friends at esteemed audiovisual and events-supplier HPSS Ltd, we transformed a small space in Hull’s MKM Stadium into a cinema-like cabaret venue for the ERYC and STEPCHANGE team to present the fruits of their labour and shout about the achievements of the scheme.

Post-delivery, ERYC now have a wealth of case studies and 2 full-length videos from each event to use on their website and social platforms – allowing them to engage with more potential applicants and delivery partners alike to continue upskilling and providing opportunities for people suffering with mental health or unemployment in East Yorkshire.

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