My Fresh Prepared

Based in Bedfordshire in the UK, MyFresh processes freshly prepared vegetables for the B2B and foodservice sector.

Project info

My Fresh Prepared Commercial

Client: Myfresh
Project: Myfresh Prepared
Crew: 4
Days of shooting: 3
Shot on: RED V-Raptor with Canon Zooms and Sigma 85m Prime, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K with Sigma 18-55, DJI Mini 3 Pro
Grade: Kris Bilski – DaVinci Resolve

MyFresh 2.59
MyFresh 3.31

In this episode of ‘Astor gets muddy’ the team venture to Bedforshire on a back-to-back, vegetable-packed, 3 day shoot.
Much like watching an emotional scene at the end of your favourite series, our eyes were streaming with tears (filming in an onion factory is no easy feat, trust us).
Akin to a documentary, we approached this with a 4-man skeleton crew comprising of Director, DoP, Sound Recordist and an AC/PA.
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