There’s no doubt that God’s own country is becoming a favourable location for shooting high budget drama. Over the last 10 years we have seen a boom in the amount of drama for TV and theatrical release choosing Yorkshire as locations. But why is this? Well certainly one driving factor is the abundance of creative people in our region. Film-making and video companies alone…we’re surrounded by them. But the growing film industry in Yorkshire is sure helped and supported by regional screen agency Screen Yorkshire. They have been supporting and investing in Films, TV, games and digital industries in Yorkshire for over 10 years. This has helped produce many large drama productions in our beautiful county in recent times…  

 From a visual point of view, we have it all. The cobbled streets of Hull…transformed into 1940’s London in the 2015 release ‘A Royal Night Out’. The hit TV drama Peaky Blinders regularly using over 13 different locations in Yorkshire according to The Yorkshire Post. The rolling shores of Flamborough head and Bridlington being the location of principal photography for the recent film adaptation of ‘Dad’s Army’. The theme here being ‘period drama’ and Yorkshire’s steep and well-preserved history means it has reserved a timeless look that can replicate times gone by.

As well as this, we believe that our surrounding areas offer a bit of everything and anything as locations to set films. Our video below highlights what attracted us to base ourselves in Yorkshire and some of the diversity it offers as a setting. But it’s not just the locations themselves that make filming in Yorkshire so fruitful. When collaborating with creatives, companies, anyone who wants to offer a helping hand in our productions, these people have a very ‘get up and let’s do this’ attitude. Perhaps that’s a Yorkshire thing. And we’re always overwhelmed by the interest that local people have in Film and TV production…It’s an exciting industry and it gets the people talking. 

We have also chosen Hull and surrounding areas for some of our latest fiction dramas. The grittiness and dark themes in our latest feature film ‘Some Kind of Love’ could be captured in some of the hidden gems and back alleys around Hull and also some iconic locations in and around the city Centre. Director Jack Grewar described Hull as having “rural areas, urban areas, dark gritty industrial areas – it really has got everything you need for a cinematic experience” 

So, we’re super excited to see how the film and TV industry will continue to grow in Yorkshire in the near future. It’s clear to see that our county has a keen passion for Drama and it is becoming noticed nationally for what it can offer to the UK film industry. 

[youtube v=”fJwt4acIy4E”]

Have a look at some of our favourite visuals all captured in Yorkshire.

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