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An effective ‘meet the team’ video will help you stand out from the crowd. They give your company a personal feel and puts a face to the name. So many websites tend to have a page dedicated to meeting the people working there, but far too often they will include lots of writing alongside a selfie. Does this attract customers? Well, probably. Adding a level of personality to your company will likely convince people to look more into whatever it is you do. But why else are they important?

If you own a company and have a website, then hopefully your interest has already been piqued. Below you can see a ‘meet the team’ video that was created for me when I joined Astor Productions. Having cutaway shots throughout the talking is an effective way of showing what your company does – you can see in the video that we have some of our showreel, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots. Anyway, take a look:

The great thing about ‘meet the team’ videos is that they work no matter what sector you work in – whether it’s a small catering business or a university, everybody wants to see a more human side to what can often seem an impersonal world. So what tips do we at Astor have for you?

Get the whole team involved

Even if you have lots of employees, you can still get lots of people involved in the process by having cutaway shots of them working or doing something. When everybody is involved, everybody will feel valued. And if you only have a small team, get everybody filmed. Every person is part of the machine that makes your company run so advertise them!

Get creative

If you want to portray a professional image, that’s fine – as you can see in the video above which was produced by us, it shows the professional side of the company. But we’ve seen some really great humorous videos. Whatever image you want to portray, everything is possible! This is a great example by Eventbrite.

Embrace the bloopers

We all love those blooper reels that big networks such as Netflix release alongside a major show. It shows that we’re all human and we all make mistakes – and they often make for hilarious viewing. If your staff make some funny mistakes during filming, embrace it! Ask your video producer to compile them and release a separate blooper reel or show them at your work’s Christmas do!

Be honest and be yourself

Customers value honesty and it is really important for any company to portray their true selves. This is your chance to get the essence of who your team are across in a simple but extremely effective way – the last thing you want is for your customers to feel you have been dishonest, so portray your true self!

Thinking about it?

It’s time for the shameless plug – Astor Productions has lots of experience working with big and small companies and we have produced quite a few corporate videos. Take a look at our portfolio and maybe get in touch with us? We will definitely be able to produce some amazing ‘meet the team’ videos for you so drop us a message!

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