Just like in the professional movie industry, we use our team and resources complete film projects to the same detail and standards of mainstream cinema production. Making movies is what we’re passionate about and whatever video project we undertake, we treat it with the creativity and craft that you would expect to see. We’re strong believers that everything comes down to the script. Our scriptwriters love to listen, polish and perfect ideas to create the scripts which is the all-important foundations of our films.

From this we can plan everything from the logistics of shooting, sourcing locations, actors, voiceover artists and everything that is required to pull a project together. We’re grateful too as we couldn’t do this without the connections we’ve made in the industry and collaborations with talented people and groups. Every detail from the script is covered and planned before we think about using our technology to create the scenes.

In production our team extends to using film directors, cinematographers and the technical team in camera, lighting and sound to produce industry standard results. By working this way in production, we’re working to the same workflow as any good film production company should. We’re striving for better results every time and couldn’t achieve this without a creative and experienced team working on our projects.

We’re constantly telling people about our technology at any given opportunity and our company director Kris loves keeping up to date with all the industry standard production gear. Technology is so important and its big part of why the films you see at the cinema look and sound so great. These are the results we aim to achieve with all our projects and our growing collection of cinematic technology means that we can create film and video content which fits in with what we watch on the big screen.

Good, strong post-production is crucial to mastering the project and polishing everything off. It’s the last stage in film production but also one of the most creative. Amongst our collaborative team we have visual effects and 3d animation artists who can add a bit of magic to our productions. Also, our editing studio is kitted out meaning that we take full care over audio mastering and colour grading and we love to do this too. All this post-production really enhances the video and makes all the difference.

So, this kind of summarises our process when we get a new production idea. However, we can honestly say the most influential creator who collaborates with us and makes exciting films for the world to see is you! We have the craft and skills in film production but we would have no passion or no ideas if it wasn’t for the clients we work with and the interesting stories they have to tell. We’re passionate about making films but we don’t do what we do just for our benefit. We love to help you tell your story.

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