We Edit

As a full service agency, we can meet all of your post production needs in house, offering a combination of state of the art edit suites and top of the range technology with creativity and talent of our editing team.

Our Post-Production Services

Adjusting, completing and perfecting your video.


Using the latest technologies in video, audio, and visual effects in combination with Astor Productions creative and technical experience, ensures your project requests will get done correctly, efficiently, and beautifully.
Our editors are involved in the creative process from the start, and ensure that when it hits post production, we really bring your project to life and deliver your key messages with style. It’s not all about technical know how when it comes to editing: our editors really know how to pick the right shots to tell your story and engage your audience.

Video Post-Production Services

  • Video Editorial – Any Format/Resolution
  • Visual Effects, Digital Compositing
  • Motion Tracking,Stabilization
  • 3D Modeling/Animation/Rendering
  • 2D Animation

Audio Post-Production Services

  • Audio Mixing/Mastering (2.0 – 5.1)
  • Music Composition/Scoring
  • ADR Recording/Editing
  • Sound Effects & Foley
  • Audio Repair (noise, reverb, hum, ambience, dialog)
  • Broadcast Audio Legalisation

Project Delivery Services

  • Color Grading/Timing/Repair
  • Skin Smoothing, Age Reduction, Repair
  • Broadcast Video Legalisation
  • Digital Encoding/Transcoding
Our personalised approach to each post-production project means that when you sit down with our editors, we’ll help you find the best way to finish your film. From the colour grading to sound design, visual effects and simple video editing services, our talented team will assist you in capturing your audience and let you fully express what you have to say.

In House Editing

All of our editing happens in house, where we have two state of the art edit suites, and a dedicated colour grading suite. We can send you edits online, or you can visit us and review your film in our viewing room.

Fit For Your Purpose

We can handle projects of any size and format, and we see that everything we put out not only fits your specifications, but is also fit for cinema or TV broadcast. A combination of the best technology and creative talent means our edits hit the spot every time, on time.

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