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Top Video Editing Agency Leeds

Our team has years of experience creating and editing a variety of awesome videos for amazing brands, helping them to turn footage into a video that truly engages their audience.

Whether your project is for a commercial, a music video, a movie or anything else, if you’re looking for extraordinary things, we are the team for the job.

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Working with amazing brands like yours

Why choose astor for your video editing project

You Stay Involved

We’ve had years of experience editing videos and if we’ve learned one thing its that if the client has a vision, then keeping them involved throughout will help to produce something extraordinary.

We do a lot of research on your business and industry, but you know it inside and out, so we encourage you to be as involved as you want. We work with you encouraging your input at each step of the process to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations and hit all of your targets.

We’re the real deal

Our team has worked on an array of different video editing projects but they all have one thing in common, they looked amazing and left an impression on the audience. Take a look at some of our work and say goodbye to mediocre.

Our Post-Production Process

We are experts

You have a vision on how you want your video to look, we are experts at listening and editing, meaning we’ll know exactly how you want it to look, then we will smash it out the park.

We are creative

We get as much information from you as we can on what you want your video project to look like and any specifics you want from the edit. This allows us to make sure that when we do our video editing magic, it looks exactly how you imagined, if not better.

We are dynamic

We are always looking at how best to deliver what our clients need – whatever your goal, we will make it our goal too, and then we will help you achieve it.

We are flexible

We are great at what we do, and that means we know how to work to tight deadlines and make quick fixes. Whatever you need from us, we’re always ready to do whatever is thrown at us.

We communicate

We will tell you any ideas that we have that can be part of the video editing to improve the final result, so you can decide on what you think about them.

We are strategic

We’ve been in the industry a while, and we’re here to make sure that you project, no matter what project it is does as well as possible. This means that we will give you all the advice we can on when and how to release it as well as anything else we can think of.

Remarkable Video Editing and Post-Production Agency in Leeds

We’ve done everything from training videos to international marketing campaigns, SME’s to global corporations, whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ll help you do it.
Whether you’re in need of services in Leeds or elsewhere our talented team can help you create a video that blows people away.

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Our Core Services

Video Production

TV commercials, brand films and corporate videos that make big impact and help your business stand out, whatever your industry, brief or budget.

Live Stream

Live streaming/webcasting services provide everything you need to create a high-quality online broadcast that gets you seen.


As a full service agency, we can meet all of your post-production needs in house, offering you the best tools for editing and animation with the help of our team.


Rise above the average with amazing video content & strategy that really gets people’s attention. With us you are in safe place.

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