Our most recent project with our friends at Trans2 Performance is an intense one. An ongoing project creating videos for their brand-new service the ‘T2 Hub’. This is an online portal where their clients can access various content including videos all related to business and personal performance. It’s an intense one because we are delivering for them a full range of videos including demonstrative talks and discussions all based on the training that Trans2 Performance provide. 

Well for a growing business like ourselves this has been an inspiring learning process and even an opportunity for us to reflect on our own performance. Naturally as film-makers we pour all our passion into the process of creating films and videos. The whole process from researching and developing stories through to production and editing is the reason we love our job. But actually, our role involves so much more than that. As a business we get the chance to engage with many other businesses and our sense of reward doesn’t just come from the videos we produce but the ways we support others locally and nationally.

In the film-making industry we’re lucky enough to work with many people and learn about different industries. We certainly wouldn’t have had an understanding of performance coaching and the ways we can develop as individuals or within teams without working on these projects with Trans2. We’ve found it to be an interesting field and this probably helps engage us in the production process. When we have a genuine interest in the businesses we work with, it helps the creative ideas flow.

The team at Trans2 will often say that delivery is most important factor in getting messages across and inspiring the audience. Therefore, it has to be said these have been some of our most successful talks to camera we have recorded as the team there are very comfortable with delivering talks. This philosophy could very much be applied in the film-making industry too and certainly directors and creatives working with people could reflect on the way they try to get the best performance from people involved in their projects.

We never stop learning about ourselves and the ways we work so we thought that now heading into the new year is a great time to reflect on that.

For more information about the T2 Hub, please visit T2 Hub website https://www.t2hub.co.uk/ or email help@trans2performance.com.

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