It’s been over a year now since we teamed up with Director Jack Grewar to produce his feature film Some Kind of Love. We were so proud last year to hold a premiere screening of the film at Hull’s Vue cinema where all cast, crew and guests could enjoy seeing all their hard work and efforts come to life on the big screen. The hard work didn’t stop there though and Jack has been pushing the film into many film festivals where we are now delighted to say we have had a number of awards. 

Some Kind of Love picked up it’s third accolade in February 2019 when it was judged winner of the Lift-Off Global Network Sessions 2019. This is a prestigious award ran by Pinewood Studios and we will now be invited for a live screening at their studios later this year. With the film also picking up awards and recognition at the Independent Talents International Film Festival and Accolade Global Film Competition, it has been a promising start for SKOL. 

Astor Film Productions feel honoured to have been part of a film that has so far received such welcoming reviews. This success at the festivals is a great reward for the effort we put into the film. It was an extremely demanding 2 week shoot and we really pushed to experiment with many lighting setups and shooting styles. Working with Jack through the production and post-production, we achieved what we set out to do. 

Jack Grewar: With ‘Some Kind of Love’ I wanted to create a world of temptation in which the characters explore their darkest desires”. 

Kris Bilski: “I am really proud of our cast and crew and I am honoured to receive this respected award, it’s a great industry recognition for all of us involved in this project.  I cannot wait for us to announce our next  feature project later this year.”

Jack is very humbled to have recieved great awards from different international film festivals. He is proud of all the work that local talent put into this film and he hopes it can go towards putting Hull up there with the best as a great film-making city. 

We will continue to push further opportunities with this project and in the meantime Jack continues to write and develop his ideas for future feature films.

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