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Sirius Academy West

Sirius Academy West

Sirius Academy West

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When asked by Sirius Academy West to produce a series of informative videos for parents choosing a new school for their child, we drew on our previous experience in education marketing to come up with the perfect plan. With a tight turnaround, the videos needed to be clear, full of information and ready to launch on the website within the week.



Following a structure that we had previously employed in the education sector, we decided to split the required information into four videos, each focusing on a different aspect of the school. A main video would provide a concise overview, presented by the Head of School and featuring a tour of the facilities by a Year 8 student. The remaining three videos would each focus on areas like students, key members of staff, and core subjects, allowing parents to access whichever aspect of the school they want to learn about quickly and easily.



In order to give ourselves enough time to cover everything we needed, we split the shoot into two days. On the first day, we captured a number of establishing cutaways, before getting started on the staff interviews. In order to be most efficient, the team was split into two, with a camera operator and a sound recordist conducting the interviews while a Steadicam operator captured classroom cutaways for the various subjects. On the second day the structure remained much the same, only with the addition of the student walking tour.

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