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Sirius Academy North

Sirius Academy North

Sirius Academy North

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After producing the video series for Sirius Academy West, we were contacted by Sirius Academy North to produce a similar series. Since this project was on the heels of the West project, we were prepared to replicate the style and structure of the videos, offering them a product of equal or possibly even greater quality.


The structure and production of the Sirius North videos followed the pattern set at West almost identically. A series of interviews would be lined up on both days, and we would need to capture a large number of cutaways from various subject groups for the range of content required. With the aim once again being the school’s website, we knew that we could produce the videos efficiently and to the deadline.


The execution of the shoot was a familiar pattern. On our first day at Sirius North, we set up to capture a series of staff interviews and split up to pick up establishing shots of the school and various classrooms. On day two, we captured the remaining interviews, including all of the students, and captured any remaining cutaways needed. We also took advantage of having a fantastic student presenter to show us around the school, again filming a walking tour around the facilities for the main video.

Going extra mile

Once we’d completed the shoot and were well on our way with the edit, we were contacted again by the school. They enquired as to whether or not we could produce an additional fifteen subject videos for an interactive section of the website, using the material we had already captured. Of course, we were more than happy to provide this additional service and set about creating a series of thirty-second videos covering each subject offered at the school.

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