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Recently we travelled up and across Scotland, filming video content for Scottish Twitter Visitor Centre to be uploaded on their social media! 

When Cardiff-based production company Storm & Shelter approached us asking if we could provide our DJI Ronin 2 steady cam service for a commercial they were planning to shoot in Scotland the following week, we were immediately onboard.

Scotland is a truly unique and picturesque country. We are immensely proud as a company to have had the opportunity to capture and showcase what Scotland has to offer. Our days were filled with getting content and travelling across different locations; in order to provide a remarkable and extraordinary viewing experience. 

Day 1

The first day consisted of a very early start travelling to Loch Lomond National Nature Reserve. We were very keen to get started and begin filming. We used the drone to capture all aspects of this beautiful scenery. As we enjoy getting stuck in with our work, we were keen to know more about the area. Furthermore, we had an extremely enjoyable informative talk on Loch Lomond. We obtained shots of the wildlife flourishing and the remarkable waterfalls and began travelling to Glenfinnan Viaduct. You may know this as the filming of the second and third Harry Potter books, took place in this area, with the Hogwarts Express calling at Glenfinnan.

Although the wind was against us, we stood firm and continued shooting the content we needed. Who said it was going to be easy? Nothing is ever going to run smoothly and we enjoy in a dynamic working environment were no day is the same. Our adaptability allows us to work at anytime and in any place.

This was truly a great start to our first day!

Day 2

After another early start, we continued to Fort William to begin shooting at the towering Ben Nevis. The U.K.’s highest peak was certainly worth filming alongside all the stunning scenery with it. We used our drone which allowed us to capture a full dynamic overview of the mountain and its surroundings. After talking with local walkers and having a nice well needed cup of tea and shortbread at the visitors centre, we said our goodbyes and set off back on the road. 

During the afternoon, we drove back down to Glasgow, after receiving a tour of the city we were able to get a large amount of quality content. We captured shots of Glasgow in all its glory. People going about their everyday life provided us with smooth and clean video content. Wow! If we had time, we could have shot here for days.

The city was constantly giving us something new.

Day 3

On our final day, we continued capturing content in Glasgow, this time we had the actress recording pieces to the camera whilst on the street. As the weather took a turn for the worse, we had no objections when we were asked to get some video content in some locals pubs!

Collectively as a team, we had a fun and very relaxed time whilst also working effectively and methodically.

Final thoughts 

We’re looking forward to progressing and seeing how our work can benefit the website. Also, in the not so distant future, we hope to be able to do more video projects. Videography allows you to gain a completely different insight than that of other forms of information. Moreover, capturing every second to showcase a sequence of shots is extremely rewarding. Especially when the final product was released and gained over 3.9 million views!

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