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Unanswered Short Film

Monique Nagra – Picturehouse 26

Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production


Award-nominated director Monique Nagra got in touch and asked us to shoot her new short film, ‘Unanswered’; a piece of drama about a young woman overcome by fear and anxiety whilst at work. We would need to prepare and storyboard the film, shoot it over three days, and edit and produce the final cut. With just a script and a deadline ahead of us, we had a challenge on our hands.



Before we began shooting, we worked closely with Monique as she tightened up the script and we worked through the storyboards. Regular meetings ensured that we were on the same page and continuity was correct. Once we had everything figured out, Monique used the storyboards to put together her shot-list. The three-day shoot gave us plenty of time to ensure that everything was done correctly and looked as good as it possibly could. As the film was extremely visual in its narrative, getting the cinematography right was our main goal.



With three days to complete the film, the schedule was split into three acts and a montage. This gave us a clear indication of exactly what we needed to capture on which day and meant that there would be no unnecessary movement of equipment or setups. Thankfully, we completed the shoot on schedule and without any problems, and even managed to spend some time experimenting with some unique angles and visual elements. We moved straight into post-production and had a final cut just in time for Christmas!

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