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Some Kind of Love Feature Film

Some Kind of Love

Jack Grewar

Production, Post-Production


Over the course of 2 weeks in October, we were busy shooting our next feature length film under the banner of “True Love Films”. Our shooting locations varied from Doncaster Airport & trendy bars in Hessle to Director Jack’s living room. This is the first film we’ve shot where we’ve had the opportunity to be truly creative with our lighting and shooting style. 

Writer & Director, Jack Grewar, wears his influences on his sleeve and it’s no secret that he has a true love for the work of Director Nicolas Winding Refn. The poster for Refn’s “Only God Forgives” even appears in the film once or twice. Refn is well known for his creative lighting set ups, as well as his diverse shooting style. 

It was this style, under instruction of Jack, that we were aiming to replicate and take influence from. 


This style is most obvious during Tori’s indoor scenes as well as most notably the woodland scene. For this woodland scene, we went out to the edges of the River Humber in the dead of night armed with a generator and our trusty Rayzr 7. 

We knew this light was extremely powerful from earlier studio work we had tested it with, but we were absolutely blown away by its intensity once out in the woodlands. Even on 40% strength, the Rayzr 7 had no issue lighting the shore on the other side of the River Humber. It became quickly evident that the Rayzr would take care of this scene without even breaking a sweat. 

This is perhaps what is most rewarding about shooting this film; we had the freedom and ability to push and test our equipment in situations and scenarios where we previously never had the opportunity. And most astoundingly, we ran up against very few issues. 

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