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Siemens Gamesa

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Siemens Gamesa, Octovision Media

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We teamed up with our friends Octovision Media to produce two videos  promoting exciting Job opportunities at the Siemens Gamesa factory in Hull. 


We developed a tight shot list and script for the main character to tour us around the factory floor and the rooms within Siemens Gamesa Hull. The main task was to produce an engaging, informative videos which shows a day of a life of Siemens Gamesa employee.

In order to achieve the best watching experience, we have used our main advanced cinema rig.  The video was shot in a beautiful 5k resolution and downscaled to 4K.

We utilised a variety of steady cam shots and wide lenses to emphasise the size and scope of the building, and most importantly, the blades themselves. 

The shooting process was incredibly tricky as the factory was still functioning and we had to be extra careful to not get in the way of the process. 

Have a look yourself, and get amazed with the scale of Siemens Gamesa factory in Hull.

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