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RRadar Promotional Videos

RRadar Promotional Videos


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Our relationship with Rradar started in a very inconspicuous manner; a two-line e-mail from their head of marketing. It simply stated that they would like to have a sit-down meeting to discuss a video they needed in a very short period of time. Experience had taught us that these rushed projects don’t tend to flourish, so we approached the meeting with a healthy amount of scepticism. 

Instead we were met with a very precise brief for a series of five videos to be planned, shot and edited within two weeks. 


This series of videos was, without a doubt, the most physically and mentally intense project we’ve ever taken on. A crew of five working non-stop for nine straight days and nights. The production felt close to a factory line, finalised scripts/shot lists would begin production whilst the script was sent to the voiceover artist and aerial videography would independently take the required shots. In post-production, finalised edits would be sent to the VFX Artist for typography and CGI animation as our sound designer added the finishing touches to the edits. 


In the end we finished all five videos one day before the deadline, and this led to a further contract with Rradar for two weeks where we trained their staff on video production techniques. A very legitimate lesson was learnt here; big projects don’t always announce themselves from the get-go. 

“Astor did an amazing job creating corporate video content for us, showing dedication, commitment and great passion for the job. It was refreshing to see such personal approach to our project and we felt completely involved and listened to all the way through. We had a rather tight deadline and the guys managed to fit their super busy schedules to accommodate our needs. They gave honest and helpful recommendations for the project and delivered a brilliant finished product.”

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