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Our task was to produce a narrative advert that displayed the diverse applications of the company’s Moodbeam One wearable, as well as a number of how-to and social media videos. The importance of the product was instantly clear to us, and we realised it needed an advert that would do it justice.


As we wrote the script, the stories of the characters we had invented began to intertwine, and the importance of visually representing how the Moodbeam One can bring people together became apparent.

We knew that we wanted to steer clear of the corporate feel that many product videos can produce. The team at Moodbeam have heart, and their video content needed to reflect that. After casting and location planning, we were ready to shoot.


The assortment of videos we produced came together beautifully, and early feedback was extremely positive, but constructive in the right areas. After a number of revisions and story tweaking, we, and Moodbeam, were thrilled with the result, and the emotional impact of the narrative.

At Astor, we’re proud to have worked with a company that’s intent on making such a positive difference, and we believe that the content we produced for them is the quality that their product deserved.

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Moodbeam Story

“Working with Kris and the Astor team was such a lovely experience. They understood our needs and interpreted the Moodbeam journey so well from day one. 100% dedication with total professionalism and empathy, working through the night sometimes to get everything just right. Would highly recommend Astor for their capabilities and attention to detail. Cant wait to work with them again in the future.”

Christina Colmer McHughFounder/Director

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