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Our task was to produce two adverts that displayed the diverse applications of the company’s Moodbeam One wearable, as well as how the product helps to tackle self-isolation and remote working.


We knew that production would be challenging, but we set about exploring the ways in which we could produce the required content safely and efficiently during the first UK lockdown.


The initial stages of production were relatively unchanged, apart from the omission of face-to-face meetings with the client. Discussions about how to proceed with production were conducted over a Zoom call before the writing phase began. Once the scripts were finalised and approved, we moved on to planning how to shoot the required extra footage in the safest way for both the video producer and the talent. With restricted movement, completing the shoot at home was the only viable option, and a one-man crew was established as the safest way to proceed, despite that making things a little bit tougher. But we rose to the challenge, completed the shots needed, all while adhering to social distancing rules.

Post-production took place in the same manner as usual, and after a couple of revisions, the client was thrilled with the content we had managed to produce.

“Working with Kris and the Astor team was such a lovely experience. They understood our needs and interpreted the Moodbeam journey so well from day one. 100% dedication with total professionalism and empathy, working through the night sometimes to get everything just right. Would highly recommend Astor for their capabilities and attention to detail. Cant wait to work with them again in the future.”

Christina Colmer McHughFounder/Director

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