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Ironman Triathlons

We’ve now completed four Ironman Triathlon video briefs since we did the first one in Staffordshire over a year ago. It’s a task we’ve grown to love but as we wrote in a blog last year it still takes an Ironman shift to complete them. 70 or 140 miles of swim, cycle, and marathon to cover all in one day. The athletes push themselves to extremes to become Ironman competitors so we do our utmost to deliver them the best video content possible.

We’re very proud of the content we create for Ironman UK and just like the athletes, we too get a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. We’ve grown to appreciate the amount of teamwork and preparation it takes to complete event videos on such a large scale like Ironman triathlons. It’s great to find work that we find interesting and we’ve been following the progress of Ironman competitors ever since we became fans of the sport.

Ironman Wales

Ironman Bolton

Ironman Staffordshire