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iHelios/SBR Refurbishment

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As a company developing a potentially revolutionary piece of technology, with huge potential for the future of the planet, Hull based business iHelios needed a professional advert to kick-start their product. With Astor Productions, they came to the right place. The client needed a short, informative advert with narrative elements to headline their website and social media, so we set to work writing a script.


We realised that the advert needed to be simple in design, in order to demonstrate the simplicity, effectiveness of the product and its invaluable application in a family home. Because iHelios’ product is one that looks to the future, we decided that a mother with children would be the best route to take with the ad, as they’ll be the ones that are affected most by the development of the technology.


With our script in place, we first needed footage of the product being installed. We went to a newly renovated block of flats in the city centre, to capture footage of the material being installed in the ceiling. Our core shoot day was the most important. With an actor and two young children, we displayed what an impact iHelios’ amazing product can have on families at home, the result being an informative advert with a very human and heartwarming touch.

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