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A Better Future In Mind

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Hull City Council

Pre-production, Production, Post-Production


Hull City Council present their Annual Public Health Report every year as a written document, but in an attempt to connect to their audience in a more concrete way, they commissioned the report to instead be changed into a documentary. 


We spent a very long period of time developing and planning this project. Due to the large number of interviews involved in this video, we had to be very careful to not double book and to allow time between interviews for movement.


We spent three days shooting the interviews, and an additional two days capturing shots around Hull. It was very tough to visualise the end product whilst shooting due to the range of tones and moments throughout the interviews, so post-production was a very creative process allowing us to experiment with music and pacing to create moods and atmospheres.

“I thought it was thought-provoking, powerful and extremely well put together. I think the team behind it should be congratulated. It's a great idea, it's the future.”

Councillor Steve Wilson

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