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HCC – Annual Housing Report

HCC – Annual Housing Report

Hull City Council

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Every year, Hull City Council creates an annual housing report for their staff and tenants, to inform them of their progress and statistics throughout the year. While previous reports had been entirely paper-based, the Council decided they wanted something more dynamic, accessible and appealing for their residents. The most obvious choice was to create a video presented by a Council representative that featured interviews with real tenants, and so we got to work figuring out the best way to deliver this.


With such a large amount of information to fit into the video, the first hurdle was figuring out how to convey all of this in a relatively short space of time. We broke the video down into sections, and from there we worked out where we would need to shoot and who we would need to speak to. The Council were extremely helpful in providing us with information on who to speak to, and the kind of content they were looking for in the video. Of course, not everything on our shooting script ended up in the video, but we still managed to get all of the information across in a clear and professional way.


It took us a week to capture all of the content required for the housing report, and given our time constraints, it required careful planning and execution. We captured key interviews first, with Council representatives and a number of tenants from various housing estates around the city. Once we had our interviews, we set about capturing as much additional footage as we could from a number of diverse areas in Hull. With the final video coming in at around six and a half minutes, we’re proud of what we achieved for the Council, managing to fit in all the information tenants required in a neat and professional package.

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