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ENRG Business Diaries 2017

ENRG Business Diaries 2017


Pre-production, Production, Post-Production


Back in 2016 we secured a one-year contract with The Goodwin Foundation to document their new project; Creative ENRG. Three local start up companies were given a government funded grant to help get their businesses off the ground, and it was our job to create a four-episode journey for each company. 

This project is one we are truly proud of, and thoroughly enjoyed the process of creation. As the brief was fairly loose, it allowed us the freedom to be more creative and experimental. This attitude flourished as the videos progressed. 


The most notable example of how our style evolved is with Spray Creative. The “Introduction” episode is shot in a way we were comfortable with. We knew how to make it look good and we played it safe! But by “Episode 4” the style had completely shifted. The editing is much more akin to a music video as opposed to a clean cut corporate piece. We chose to light the subject primarily with our Rayzr 7 using a harsh red gel and only a dedo to provide highlights and to accentuate the cold breath. 


Each company came more into their own as the year went on, Diony’s videos became more clean cut & professional, Hull Truth’s became much slower and more considerate and Spray Creative’s became more Lo-Fi and stylistic. 

It was truly an exercise in experimentation, and our approach to future projects drastically changed from thereon out. 

“The end product was exactly what we were seeking and will be a very useful addition to promoting the initiative for bringing together the variety of enterprise support available within Hull and wider East Riding.”

Pauline MitchellENRG

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