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Downtown – Short Film

Independent Short Film


Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

In December of 2019, Astor shot Jack Grewar’s first short since Some Kind of Love, titled Downtown. Stylistically beautiful, both visually and in terms of content, the film was a thrilling two-day shoot across 6 Hull locations. Following a struggling artist, as her life spirals out of control in an increasingly digital world, dreams infringe on reality and tempers rise. A fascinating picture of the pressures of modern society, the film is currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit. It features Carlie Milner, Harry Matthews, Jessica Palmer and Sheridan Sherratt Cinematography by Kris Bilski.

Camera : BMD Ursa Mini G2 & Pocket 6K

Lenses : Xeen Cinema Kit & Zeiss 21-100mm T2.9-3.9 LWZ.3 Lightweight Zoom Lens

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