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Desmet Ballestra Rosedowns

Desmet Ballestra Rosedowns

Desmet Ballestra

Pre-production, Production, Post-Production


We were tasked with producing a promotional video highlighting a company which has a very rich heritage in our hometown of Hull. Rosedowns have been operating since 1777 so we really wanted to create something that would show this company in the best light and tell their story. 


Our aim was to produce this video like a story which would be engaging throughout. Therefore, we thoroughly researched the company and then wrote a script alongside the team at Rosedowns. Unlike any corporate style video which has interviews and some observational cutaway shots overlapped, we wanted our script to be to the point and engaging. The aim was to highlight what Rosedowns are all about and this was the focus for our scriptwriting. 

From this we then mapped out a few key scenarios to film and also what shots around the factory we would need for the story. This approach was very similar to how we approach our fiction projects and this way we could gain a strong understanding of the structure of the video and what visuals we would see. 


The finished product took many re edits in order to create the video that the clients wanted. It gives us great satisfaction to make these improvements and deliver something which has been polished. We believe this to be our most ambitious and creative promotional video to date. It involved many aspects of our service including animation, drone cinematography and thorough pre-production. We’re proud to have worked with Rosedowns and hope we get the opportunity to support more businesses from our hometown.

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