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Dell Technologies – Red Kite Learning Trust

Metia/Dojo Films



With teaching and learning becoming increasingly remote, technology company Dell have been working hard to ensure that school children up and down the country have access to the devices they need to continue their education safely. We were brought in to shoot a video across two schools in Leeds, highlighting the way in which Dell’s technology benefits young learners.



For this shoot, we were only required to capture the content for the video, which meant less time dealing with pre-production and more time taking beautiful shots! The day was planned out for us nicely, and we knew exactly what we needed to capture and when thanks to a great schedule from the client. The great thing about the shoot was that we were still allowed plenty of creative freedom and were able to come up with innovative ideas throughout the day, all while sticking closely to the brief and schedule.



We started off bright and early at a primary school in Leeds. We grabbed some amazing sunrise shots, then moved on to some interviews with staff, who told us all about the ways in which Dell’s computers had improved the way they work, and their students learn. Once we were finished at the first site, we headed down the road to a local secondary school, where we captured plenty of great content with staff and students. We were even lucky enough to capture a virtual lesson taking place, all enabled thanks to Dell’s infrastructure and technology.

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