Connexin - Hull's Smart City Journey

Connexin offers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses, focusing on connecting devices for enhanced efficiency and smart city development. They provide innovative IoT services for public and private sectors, integrating data and automating processes with AI, aiming to optimize operations and reduce costs. Connexin is instrumental in advancing smart city initiatives across the UK.

Client: Connexin
Project: Hull’s Smart City Journey

Dir. – Kris Bilski
DoP – Kris Bilski
Gaffer – Lewis Robinson, Kris Bilski
2nd AC – Tarik Skalli
Shot on: RED V-Raptor with Canon EF Zooms, , BMPCC6K with Sigma 18-35, DJI Mini 3 Pro
Edit: Kris Bilski
Grade: Kris Bilski – Davinci Resolve

Connexcin Hull Smart City 4.54.1 min scaled e1681297391183
Connexcin Hull Smart City 5.8.1 min scaled e1681297434547

How do you monitor multiple aspects of a city and collate the data into a consolidated platform? That’s the question Hull City Council asked Connexin.

How you ask? Conduct a city-wide deployment of environmental sensors based on an IOT framework which automatically relays the data into an all-in-one system with a friendly and clear user interface (of course).

Essentially, Hull City Council can now execute more effective services in litter management, flood prevention, air quality and more. But Connexin didn’t stop there, with public service company Amey and Sheffield City Council also investing in this approach to delivering more apt services to their cities.

Our team captured the essence of this transformative technology throughout Hull. Armed with our Red Digital Cinema cameras and incorporating stunning VFX shots, we’ve aimed to visualise the city’s connectivity in an unprecedented manner.

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