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Chiedu Oraka – Darcy

Chiedu Oraka – Darcy

Chiedu Oraka

Pre-production, Production, Post-Production


We love celebrating local talent and what better way to do this than producing a music video with our friend Chiedu Oraka and Lockdown. They received great success with their track Darcy last year which made strides in the grime scene so we wanted to create something eye catching and fun to suit the song. 


This was a great opportunity to experiment with our new studio facilities with some white backdrop work and creative lighting. We used flashing strobe lights synced to the music to provide energy to the shots we captured. Equipped also with our smoke machine, we were able to take our time to produce the kind of studio shots you would hope to see from a professional music artist.


It was a really fun and jam packed 4/5 hour shoot this one. High energy levels from start to finish and with costume changes, creative lighting and slow motion we hope to have created a video which compliments this great track.   

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