Project info

Black Grass: a cereal Killer

Client: Hull University, Aura
Project: Black Grass: A Cereal Killer

Dir. – Kris Bilski
DoP/A cam/Drone – Kris Bilski
B cam – Jordan Dean, Lewis Robinson
2nd AC, Grip – Tarik Skalli                                                                                                                                                      Days of shooting: 2
Shot on: RED V-Raptor with Canon Zooms, BMPCC6K with Sigma 18-35, DJI Mini 3 Pro
Edit – Kris Bilski
Grade: Kris Bilski – Davinci Resolve

Blackgrass Project 3.44.1 min scaled
Blackgrass Project 3.20.1 min scaled

Black Grass is a highly-viralent weed, wreaking havoc on farmers across the nation. Posing a threat to unthinkable amounts of crop, it must be stopped.Aura Innovation Centre strikes again with it’s scientific super-heroes, analysing mass amounts of data and creating a solution to ultimately tackle the rebellious weed.

This story (like many other Aura projects) is very much a stark message of the world we live in and what Aura is doing to combat yet another problem that many struggle with.