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Aura Case Study – Gateway Chassis

Aura Innovation Centre

Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production


Thanks to our frequent work with the Aura Innovation Centre through the University of Hull, we were lucky enough to be asked to create a short case study with one of their clients, local company Gateway Chassis. Aura required us to capture an interview with the managing director of Gateway Chassis as well as footage of their warehouse and engineering facilities.


The Aura case study was a relatively straightforward job for Astor, and we employed the usual strategy for jobs of that kind. We decided we would split the team into two, using a single camera interview setup and sending an operator into the warehouse with the Steadicam at the same time.


The execution was as simple as the setup. We put our plan into action, setting up a camera for the interview before sending a second crew member into the warehouse to capture the engineers in action. Once the interview and initial cutaways had been captured, we put our remaining time to good use by doing a second trip through the building, picking up on any opportunities for beautiful shots.

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