Here at Astor, we’re naturally attracted to meaningful projects that display the capacity to generate positive change. So when approached by Moodbeam, the Hull-based company primed to take the health product industry by storm, we felt like we’d hit the jackpot.

With a product already on the market, as well as some impressive pre-established marketing, our job was to elevate awareness of Moodbeam’s fantastic product to the next level. Cue the scriptwriting. The main task at hand was to produce a two to three minute narrative advert, displaying the many uses and broad target audience of the Moodbeam One wearable. The challenge we faced, besides the narrow timeframe, was to include a number of characters that reflected each target market, while still maintaining a common link between them, and a strong narrative throughout.

And so the Moodbeam family was written into existence. A Mother, a Father, a Daughter and a Grandfather, all facing daily struggles in their own unique ways, but brought together by the Moodbeam One, and their lives re-linked. With the concept in place and approval from the client, we proceeded to put together the shooting schedule.

It wasn’t long before we had our advert written, cast and scheduled. The shoot would take place over four days, and was set across a number of locations, including some unique Hull landmarks. Accompanied on each location by the Moodbeam team, this enabled us to make sure that what we were shooting exactly fit the client’s specification, and created a fun and informal atmosphere on set.

Alongside the advert, we created a number of how-to-use videos, as well as a short series of interviews with the company’s founders, entitled ‘The Moodbeam Story’. Alongside creating some amazing content, the team here at Astor had a great time working with Moodbeam, and couldn’t stop pressing their yellow buttons from start to finish!

Final thoughts 

We’re looking forward to progressing and seeing how our work can benefit the website. Also, in the not so distant future, we hope to be able to do more video projects. Videography allows you to gain a completely different insight than that of other forms of information. Moreover, capturing every second to showcase a sequence of shots is extremely rewarding.

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