Why do I love what I do?

I was probably about 3-foot-tall when I really fell in love with the movies. I’d see whole new worlds, characters and impossible things come to life on the big screen. That’s when I realised that in some way shape or form, I wanted to be a part of that….

As a kid I never really thought about how these films are made, I just enjoyed watching them. I remember being inspired at school by my media studies teacher who spoke so passionately about film-making, cinematography, direction, lighting…and these things opened my eyes into what film-making is…It’s a team game

I picked up a little handheld video camcorder and started shooting stuff. All terribly bad I must say! I kept making many mistakes and not really knowing what I was doing. Not knowing how to tell a story. And even to this day we all still make mistakes but everyday learning more and more about the world of film-making. Perfecting the craft and learning new things. Everyday the dream of making movies becoming more and more real as I’ve come to appreciate all the different creative skills that come together in this wonderful process

What is your favourite movie?

I love a good sci-fi movie. The ‘Alien’ series of films strike me as some of the coolest films I’ve ever seen. We get to explore space and encounter intelligent life beyond Earth. But if life does exist beyond our world and we find it…I hope it’s not like the xenomorphs from Alien!!!

What do you enjoy the most about being on set?

It’s a fun environment to work in but when it comes down to achieving great results…it’s also one of the most hard-working environments. We all have to be so on the ball from the moment we start setting up scenes right through to hearing those words ‘It’s a wrap’. But even then, the work hasn’t ended. It’s so rewarding to work in the camera/lighting department and with all these skills to think about…there’s no time to hang around. 

What do you look forward to about working with Astor Productions?

I’ve only just started but already I feel like I get to bring my creativity to the team. Being on set with Astor Productions is equal or better to the professionalism of any set I’ve been on. So more than anything I look forward to getting on set and having the freedom to bring my own camera skills and ideas along. Afterwards I hope we’ll be sat in the cinema proudly watching our work

and finally… Do you like Coffee?

Yes 🙂

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