If you haven’t heard of Ironman Triathlon events then like us you’ll be blown away by how huge they are. A 70.3-mile-long course and thousands of competitors all lining up to take a leap into the water. If a 1.2 mile long swim wasn’t enough to get the heart racing they then undertook a 56 mile bike chase and before being able to catch a breath they cross over the finish line with a 13.1 mile run. We can’t imagine a better physical accomplishment than what all the athletes who competed yesterday achieved!

But it wasn’t a sit down and spectate event for us, ourselves and our friends at Northern Visuals and Octovision Media had the task of producing the event videos to be uploaded live on the same day. It’s a project like we’ve never undertaken before as all the videos needed to be delivered to a high standard by tight deadlines so the pressure was well and truly on. We don’t claim to be as tired out as the athletes but it was an ironman shift we’re modest enough to say it took an Ironman team to deliver the project on the day. 4 videos in total which were all shared on the day for the spectators and public to enjoy…And not to forget the main highlight video which was screened at the awards ceremony that evening.

With time ticking away, we needed to work fast to deliver final edits. It almost felt like producing for a live broadcasting event but without the extortionate expense of sending live broadcast signals to the editing team. We were desperately chasing the camera team for their footage and this couldn’t have been achieved without some thorough logistical planning. 70 miles is a very long way and the athletes were lightning quick so our camera team had to be in the right place at all times. Then it was also a demanding task retrieving their footage and getting it back to the edit team quickly throughout the day to put the videos together. 

We’re very proud of the content we produced on the day and happy to say that the Ironman event team were pleased with the videos. Although we have covered events in the past, they have never been on a scale quite like this one. Well done to all of the team involved and a big well done to every athlete who competed on the day. 


[youtube v=”5Nrh7di1EA4″]

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