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Ironman Wales

Ironman Wales

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We had the pleasure of Producing our second project for Ironman Triathlon events, this time in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This race was all about ‘Facing the Dragon’, the second toughest Ironman course in the world, so the pressure was on for us to deliver multiple highlight videos which were all to be shared over social media on the same day.


With this being our second Ironman event, we knew what we were in for. Meticulous planning went into this project before the race day. There was not a key moment of the race that we could miss so our camera team of three had a thorough briefing and recee to map out how the race would unfold. It was then also crucial that we gave our camera team the best support and was able to transfer footage from them frequently for our editor to compile the videos during the race.

This time with the course being a whole 140 miles long, we had twice the distance to cover than last time. We could not have achieved this without great support from the Motorcycle media support team at OMOTOS. The guys there supported us in helping capture dynamic moving shots on their motorcycles and transporting our team to and from base location with fresh footage.


Our relationship and understanding with Ironman UK is getting stronger and we believe our team were well equipped and able to deliver their videos to a great standard on the day. This really was an Ironman shift spanning over 18 hours but we had masses of fun whilst covering the race. This resulted in some videos that we are really proud to have achieved and we’re still buzzing from the day. Hats off to every Ironman who competed in the race, your efforts are remarkable.

[youtube v=”JP2ZCjHqILc”]

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