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Ironman Staffordshire

Ironman Staffordshire

Ironman Europe/90Seconds

Pre-production, Production, Post-Production


We were tasked with producing tight deadline videos on the race day for the Ironman Triathlon event in Staffordshire. These videos would then be shared on social media by the clients throughout the day.


One of the biggest challenges we faced was organizing the logistics so we could cover every aspect of the event that needed to be captured. Our camera team needed to be know exactly where the athletes would be and their timings. This involved them doing a location recee the day before and mapping out key shooting locations, the time they needed to be at specific locations and also transport around the 70-mile course. 

We also had plan the most time effective way of transporting the footage from the camera team to the editing team based in the city Centre. Again, we had locations mapped out and appropriate times to retrieve footage and support the camera team with fresh recording cards and batteries. Our editing team needed to work quickly and liaise with the Ironman event team to make sure the video edits were up to standard.  


The day was long and exhausting but due to the planning and the team’s efforts on the day, the project fell into place. We successfully delivered the 3 short highlight videos for each section of the triathlon on time. We then also delivered the main highlight video in time for their awards ceremony that evening. 

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