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Ironman Bolton

Ironman Bolton

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Our latest Ironman adventure took us to Bolton for another full length Ironman race. We’d done our stretches, charged our batteries, primed our cameras and were ready to face another gruelling 140 miles of event coverage.


As with any event we cover, we made sure our preparation prior to the race was pin-point to ensure we wouldn’t miss a thing. Our day started at sunrise at the stunning Pennington Flash lake on the outskirts of Bolton. We had 5 cameras including a drone to cover the build-up and the swim. There was a lot of excitement and tension in the air and that was just the start of a long enduring race to come.

Throughout the day our camera team used all methods possible to capture the best looking shots for the race. We sailed on speedboats, clutched onto the back of Motorbikes with our Ronin-S and ran alongside the athletes to build up shots that put the viewer in the race with the athletes. Covering Ironman triathlons really is a unique experience and it is crucial to not miss key moments and deliver highlight videos on the day.


Nearly 10 hours after the race began, we had our team at the finish line capturing the exhausted athletes completing the race. The atmosphere was electric and offered up lots of opportunity to capture exciting shots. This was one of our favourite Ironman races and another one we are delighted to have been a part of. Maybe one day we’ll receive our Iron Film-maker medals but until then we’ll keep training and prepare for the next race.

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