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Whether you’re a small business owner, up and coming influencer or a huge corporate enterprise, it’s without a doubt that you’ll want to start a video production; simply because of how popular video watching has become during the pandemic than before. 

So, why might you want to start producing video content?

Well, that’s because videos are incredibly influential on your audience and can make a world of difference for your market, not to mention sales. 

Did you know that video content represents nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic today? 

YouTube alone boasts a whopping 3 billion searches every month, meaning there’s an overwhelming potential to make an influence with video content. 

However, there is a catch… if you want to earn the most views and create the wildest or most professional videos, you’re going to need a production company. 

Fortunately, you’re in the right place!

Here at Astor Film Productions, we specialise in producing the highest quality of video and are home to some of the best corporate videos around Hull, Leeds & York. We’ve also been the producer for a range of educational and promotional videos for brands across the UK. 

Discover the full range of our video productions capabilities by visiting our portfolio.

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Never underestimate the influence of video marketing

As you’re well aware, video content is continually becoming more and more popular, with major social platforms launching features like ‘Shorts’ (YouTube), ‘Reels’ (Instagram) and some platforms being completely dedicated to video like TikTok.

According to MushroomNetworks, YouTube alone brings in 3 billion searches every month and their users upload over 100 hours of video content every minute!

This means there’s an unprecedented amount of opportunity for video marketing; however, there’s also a lot of competition, which means your brand needs to step up its video production game and publish high-quality video content worthy of going viral. 

As a result, you will be able to influence potential customers and increase your video marketing’s conversion rate, plus it will impress your overall audience.

If you’re still not convinced that you need video production, we’ve listed a couple of benefits below.

4 Benefits of Video Production

For those interested in video production, it’s worth knowing some of the core benefits of video production and how it influences your audience. Here are just four benefits of video production:

  • Improves your brand’s credibility. Video content is an incredibly powerful tool and is often used in misleading ways. Due to the vast amount of misinformation and photoshopped imagery, the credibility of information is often questioned. However, this is slightly different for videos because they’re a lot harder to edit. As a result, videos are a lot more trustworthy and act as the face of your brand, giving viewers an authentic feel as if they were meeting you in person. Therefore, your video can represent your company’s emotion and character, which ultimately allows your audience to virtually bond with your brand.


  • Influences your viewers’ emotions. The process of video production includes a lot of aspects and one of the most important is the influence on people’s emotions; a great video can evoke a range of emotions, including joy, humour, anger, empathy, sadness, fear, love and many more. Some of the best examples of evoking emotion for video marketing purposes are Christmas advert, which often evokes a rollercoaster of emotions to bring viewers closer to the brand and can be incredibly powerful. This puts your brand at the forefront of your audience and helps your brand compete against competitors. This is especially important around the Christmas period when all the top brands are delving into video production to create their most powerful Christmas advert.

Want to increase your brand awareness by producing a powerful Christmas advert for your brand? Call us on 01482 291700 or submit an enquiry via our contact form.

  • It’s great for telling a story. Although the use of textual content and high-quality imagery can be a great way of sharing a story, it’s nowhere near as effective as a well-crafted video. This is because a video is a lot easier to take in and takes half the effort and time to fully watch, compared to reading lengthy text. There are a plethora of influences a video can have on your audience and well-orchestrated video production can make a world of difference in your marketing campaigns.

According to LearnHub, video content is 1200% more effective than other content and that Insivia social media statistics show viewers often absorb 95% of a video’s message

  • Enhances your online visibility. Video content can be utilised in many ways, but its greatest benefit is the impact it has on your online visibility. You can publish your brand’s videos on YouTube and get them featured on Google, which dramatically improves your brand awareness and digital presence. Additionally, your videos can be used on a vast range of social media platforms and can also be used for display advertising, making them a great resource for reaching a wider audience and boosting sales… which is why video production is a must-have!

Want to make an influence with video production?

If you’ve read our blog, you might be interested in producing a video, our process is exciting, and we openly discuss your desire to start video production. As a result, we can create the best possible solution for all stakeholders involved. 

As a full-service video production company, we love producing videos and are dedicated to offering the best experience and results for our clients!

To find out how to start video production with our team, contact us today. 

We can’t wait to hear your ideas for the project!

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