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University of Hull – Humber Street Sesh

University of Hull – Humber Street Sesh Highlights

University of Hull

Pre-production, Production, Post-Production


The legendary Humber Street Sesh is attended by over 30,000 people and provides a platform for emerging musicians and artists from the region and beyond.

The University of Hull was one of the main sponsors and approached us to create a highlight reel from the festival, to showcase the overall festival atmosphere.

Our task was to deliver multiple videos for social media use.


Knowing that we had various videos to produce, we needed to work fast to capture all the interviews we needed and also the atmosphere of the event all in a quick time frame. It was a busy event so we didn’t struggle to create a sense of atmosphere. With two cameras, one on the Ronin-S and our URSA too we had the flexibility to capture a variety of shots including stabilised, tripod and handheld footage.

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