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Ever wondered how much effort really goes into making a movie? You only have to look at the credits at the end of the film to see just how many people’s skills it takes. All of those departments…

Camera teams, actors, endless visual effects teams, grips, lighting dept, editors, color grading, production assistants, hair and make up team, concept artists, production designers, animation, audio engineers, extras, aerial photography, script supervisor. These are just a few but it’s not always an overwhelming amount of people working on a professional production. 

We’re discovering more and more everyday the value of a strong crew… and we’re growing too. Working with a team of us on the shoots, we can replicate the standards seen in mainstream cinema production. One thing that is refreshing to see is the amount of talented people in this city seeking careers in this industry. It certainly makes the future bright for Astor Productions as we can’t achieve what we do without you. 

If this appeals to you then you too could become a part of Astor Productions’ story. Our team is always seeking freelancers. If our projects can boost work and creativity for industry professionals locally and further afield then great!!! That’s exactly what we set out to achieve. 

Astor Film Productions could be crewing your next video project, get in touch today.

We’re ready, are you?

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  • Hi,

    I am interested in what your website has to offer. I have finished my third year at Hull College and I have a big diploma degree and A-levels that I have to offer on my CV. I am very interested in film and TV and I even had some experience filming my own short films and studying my A-levels and degree at college.

    Kind regards

    Raeann Cawkwell

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