2 or 3 years ago everyone and anyone was getting their hands-on consumer DSLR and compact mirrorless cameras and becoming the next best filmmaker. Although we have no leg to stand on in terms of criticizing anyone, small one-man band companies and freelancers were beginning to overtake many professional larger film companies in terms of quantity of jobs.  

This got us thinking about 2 years ago as we have always set out to be a professional company taking pride in our results. However, in terms of image quality and resolution, even amateurs with consumer gear could produce decent looking video footage for their websites/social media. Was this a problem? No not really as thankfully new digital technology never stands still and even equipment from a few years ago becomes outdated. TV screens, even mobile screens are becoming larger and higher resolution. Footage that we used to think looked awesome 5 or 6 years ago on our DSLR’s now look very dated and low quality…especially on the big screen. 

Sure enough innovative cinema camera companies such as the likes of Blackmagic Design, Red and Arri continue to develop cameras that blow DSLR imagery out of the water. Consumer cameras are once again falling behind and taking their place where they belong…with the consumers.      

To contradict ourselves slightly it’s not the camera that produces lovely images it’s the team behind it and the stories they tell. However, in the digital era of cinema production, the best camera for the shoot is definitely the best quality camera that one can get their hands on. I guess this has driven our passion for keeping up to date with the latest innovations in filming technology to give our projects the best chance of looking and sounding great.  


[youtube v=”5bmJEghjwb0″]

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