Credibility through video content

Credibility for a brand cannot be shown in a better format than from video content. Utilising different videos allows for audiences to see all aspects of a brands credibility. This is an extremely useful and productive way to help increase CRO, ROI and SEO all at once.

Video content tells a story and keeps the viewer interested and intrigued whilst promoting the brand at the same time.

What works best?

  • Brand: An excellent way to introduce yourself to your viewers. Tell your audience the story of your brand, your core values; convincing them that your company is unique and worth their time.
  • Explainer: Another benefit of explainer videos is that they don’t outwardly promote your product or service. Instead, they provide useful important to help your audience. Whilst introducing them to your brand at the same time.
  • Live Feed/Event: Video content of these events is a great way to bring the fun of the occasion you’re celebrating. In addition, online viewers who aren’t there but want to be “in the moment” won’t miss out.
  • Testimonials: A potential customer is expecting you to talk up your company as the best. But when they hear someone who isn’t connected to your brand or a previous customer talk highly of it, they’re more likely to trust it.

The more reliable your brand looks, the greater your traffic and CRO will be. As the brand gains more credibility, the SEO aspect will be affected dramatically. This subsequently moves you up in page rank order.

Look at the bigger picture. What use is a brand that has no credibility or loyalty from customers?

Professional videography

How important is trust?

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Zigle

When it comes to CRO, trust is a brand’s number 1 asset. Creating valuable content that resonates with the customers is going to give a brand a distinct competitive advantage. With video content, you can relay information and have an emotional connection with traffic. Using videos is far more engaging and trustworthy. Much rather than a paragraph of written text. If an audience can see videos on a website, it is evident that the business has taken time and effort to promote themselves.

This results in a greater interest in traffic as it shows the business is willing to go that extra step to show their value. Video is the most effective way to communicate the most authentic representation version of you and your brand.

How and why?

Personality: Customers want a unique buying experience. What helps a brand stand out from the rest? Videos showing how a brand has a big personality and friendly manner.

Engage with customers directly: The more engaging your videos are, the more your customers are going to feel as though they know and trust you. Answering questions in video format help the customer feel like they are part of your community.

Always be authentic: The right video marketing campaign, can establish a rapport with your customers and slowly build trust over time. This trust will come back to you when even more traffic becomes customers and ROI is multiplied.

Final thoughts

It’s the quality of your videos that shapes your customer’s opinions of your brand. Enthusiasm, competency and consistency build trust. Ultimately this can turn your audience into loyal customers.

A video that shows quality, work ethic and personality is going to stand out a lot more.

Don’t push video content aside, it’s one of your most powerful tools.

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