1. We love talking to other businesses…. This is how we’ve got to where we are today. We’re interested in what you do and we hope you find our creative business interesting too
  2. We want to help…. It’s our business to help others to achieve their visions. One thing we love to do is listen to people’s ideas and turn them into cool videos for everyone to see
  3. We’re approachable…. Film-makers are not exclusive people. Here at Astor we do obsess about our craft but equally we like to learn about other people’s crafts too.
  4. We all studied at University…. Our small team have all studied various courses in Film and TV design. It was Kris’ passion for film at College and University which led him to start Astor Film Productions in the first place
  5. We’re 5 years old…. And what a 5 years it has been. From what started as an idea to becoming the limited company we are today, a lot of hard work, investment and networking…and we want to grow further!
  6. We love filming technology…. You may have already known that as we’re always telling people about our latest gear. At least we can assure you that our standards are always up to date with the latest big screen productions
  7. Our office is always neat and tidy…Okay that was a lie we’re better at film-making and editing than domestic duties but what we can assure is that we always have the kettle on and a comfy seat so come and see us sometime
  8. We shoot feature films…. Earlier this year we were at the Vue cinema in Hull for a private screening of a feature film ‘Some Kind of Love’ which we worked on alongside Director Jack Grewar. We were so proud to sit back at watch all our hard work come to life. We have more feature productions on the go which we can’t wait to shout about more.
  9. We’re proud of our city…Hull has been great to us and the hard-working attitude that the people here have is invaluable for us to grow. The creative arts scene here is thriving and we’ve met some great people.
  10. We love films…It would be worrying if we didn’t. We get our inspiration from the films we go and see at the cinema. It’s these techniques that we aim to put into our productions as it’s cinema standard content we always aim to achieve.

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